Ex-post Exvaluation of the EU Forest Action Plan

This report presents the results of the mir-term evaluation carried out by an external evaluation team during November 2011-March 2012. The evaluation has been guided by a Steering Group consisting of representatives from the Commision Services involved in the implementation of the EU FAP and led by the DG Agriculture and Rural Development Evaluation unit.

The report is structured into a introduction, a method and analysis section, and conclusions as follows: Chapter 2 briefly explains the state-of-the-play and developments with respect to forests and forestry in the UE, including relevant policies at EU, Member State and international levels, and the implementation of the EU FAP in 2007-2011. Chapter 3 explains the methodology used, as well as the data and information collected during the exercise. Chapter 4 presents answers to the five Evaluation Questions (EQs), three EQs about implementation of the Action (e.g. effectiveness and efficiency, improvement of coherence and cross-sectoral cooperation, and the balancing of economic, environmental and socio-cultural objectives related to forestry) and two EQs about the relevance of the Action (e.g. added value in implementing the EU Forestry Strategy, and relevance of EU FAP objectives, key actions and activities, as well as adequacy of its organisational set-up). Each EQ response begins with a brief introduction, and in the end there is a summary of lessons learnt during implementation. The lessons learnt are based on the evaluation survey responses and are complemented with open questions as food for thought. Chapter 5 concludes the analysis of the evaluation themes and provide final recommendations for the EU FAP.

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European Forest Institute (EFI), Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC), Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)
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